Delilah’s magic @ KOKO, London

On Tuesday I was one of the lucky people who had an opportunity to be at the sold out Delilah’s gig at Koko, London. I have to say I was impressed and it usually takes a lot to impress me!


I have been noticing this girl popping up on various different ‘The One to Watch’ lists since the beginning of the year but I needed to see for myself. 

The crowd was excited (including me) from the very beginning and we were not disappointed. Strong and interesting vocals were a perfect match to the dreamy dance beats and more mellow tunes. Sleek performance and, I have to say, gorgeous looks were like an icing on a cake. 


When Delilah started singing ‘I love you so’ everyone were joining in and enjoying themselves and I could not help but notice that there is that often missing connection with the audience which is always a big bonus. 

A nice and welcome change happened when Delilah sat by the keyboard and played a couple of emotional and well written songs. And then, back to more dancing friendly tunes!


The last song ‘Go’ was the most known one and the crowd was going crazy. Definitely a successful end of the tour and a promising beginning of Delilah. I guess we will have to wait and see and in the meantime you can download her Mixtape from Here



Have you seen Delilah live? What do you think? 

Comment and let me know!



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