VIKTORIA MODESTA live @ Hoxton! Review + Pics

So yesterday I finally got to see Viktoria Modesta live in action. First time I heard about her from a friend about a year or two ago and after seeing her pictures and stuff online, always wanted to see what she can do on stage. And apparently she can do quite well up there!

THE FACE (supporting act) 


The gig was a release party for VIKTORIA MODESTA’S new single ‘Only You’ (which will be released in a few days) and was held at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London. The crowd matched the artist; artistic, stylish, alternative boho public was dominating.

The first support act was electro pop singer Johnny Lazer who was followed by 80s dance trio The Face (picture above). 



VIKTORIA MODESTA (VM) came on stage with a bang! You cannot help but notice that the girl worked on her image! Unique hair, make-up and costume were perfected to the highest level. 

Talking about music, it is quite hard to describe her style. I would probably go for electro pop with an edge accompanied by unique and strong vocals. Good to dance to and nice to listen to!


You can’t get bored watching her. Performance was sleek, sexy and captivating. She is really no beginner in the music biz…

After 11 songs the crowd (and me) was impressed and cheering loudly. You know the real artist when you see one and VM is definitely THE one.



While watching VM perform, I was wondering: why such a professional performer is not known for the bigger masses? And why isn’t she signed yet??

Maybe her music is not 100% matching the material that is now on the radio but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to get her there. She is also highly marketable and a great performer ( two the most important qualities nowadays) and if I had a record label, I’d sign her right now.

WATCH the video of VM’s new single ‘ONLY YOU’ here


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