Jesse Jo Stark – a modern fashion icon with a punk attitude

My ultimate fashion crush – Jesse Jo Stark!!

I love her style because of rock’n’roll and punk elements and ‘effortless’ look that works so well. Bulky rings, long hair with different colour extensions, nail art, platform shoes and denim shorts are pretty much signature attributes to Jesse’s style.

Jesse has started making waves in the fashion world a few years ago (she is only 20 now) and is often called an ‘internet sensation‘. Her brave and laid-back  ‘LA girl meets Rock’n’Roll‘ style quickly captured attention and she became an inspiration for many fashion lovers.

But there is no surprise here as her parents are the owners of luxury jewellery and fashion brand Chrome Hearts (where Jesse Jo works herself) admired by many celebrities including Cher, Elton John, Miley Cyrus etc.

[I do not own any of these images]

Jesse Jo Stark is a singer/songwriter too and is recording her debut album. You can listen to some covers and originals HERE.

Here is the song recorded together with her godmother Cher (YEP, THAT’S RIGHT!) for her dad’s birthday!


One lucky girl!

And we love her!!!



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