Can you be too trendy??


Happy Valentine’s day everyone!!!

It’s been a while but I’m back and I missed my little blog!! Also, i’m very excited as tomorrow starts London Fashion Week! A little heaven for all fashionistas 🙂 Well, I have to admit I don’t have any invitations and I’m not going to sit at the FROW, but that does not mean I can’t go there and enjoy! I’ll try to snap some pictures as well! Maybe sneak into a show??? 😉

So here is a little topic to think about before the fashion world gets all crazy: Can you be too trendy??

So… I love fashion to death but I still think you need to be clever about it…

I was on the tube the other day and I saw a girl who was dressed up in all the latest fashions and toped up with long hair extensions. Clothes were nice and trendy; she was like a poster girl for High Street shopping. However… something was missing… That little touch of personality, a little twist and personalisation maybe??

There was fashion but NO STYLE.. which, in my opinion, is way more important. You should wear clothes and not other way around. If you just blindly copy whatever is in the store windows, you will become a clothes hanger with no personality. We all heard a term ‘Fashion Victim’… I’m all fours for following trend and fashion, don’t get me wrong, although, everyone should discover their personal style which would be only enhanced by newest trends. The clothes you were should show who you are, your personality and the message you want to get across. Then you will be trendy and stylish.

So my point is, let’s not consume everything we are fed, but let’s make smart choices instead. Let your personality shine 🙂 Wear fashion and be fashion, but be you!

I’d love to hear your point of view 🙂

And have an awesome Fashion Week!!!




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