Gareth Pugh – avant-garde at Paris Fashion Week

English designer Gareth Pugh brought some drama and zombie-like looks on Paris Fashion Week’s catwalks. His A/W 13/14 collection was inspired by Asgarda tribe of women, who live in the Ukraine’s mountains and are dissociated from any contact with men. The mood of the show, which took place at the Hotel Solomon de Rothschild, was dark, mysterious but captivating and a breath of fresh air, if you ask me.


In my opinion, the show and Gareth Pugh’s collection stood out among the other designers because it didn’t quite follow the new season ‘trends’ that everybody are usually so focused on. It was more like an expression of art trough fashion with the whole story behind it. I have to admit that the source of inspiration is quite unusual… And how do you even come up with that?

g21-518x795 g41-518x790 

Long gowns were made out of the heavy fabric, while Victorian dresses – out of the shredded bin bags to add volume and glam effect. The collars were high and stiff or in asymmetric shapes draped around the neck. I particularly enjoyed leather designs with big, waist reaching collars and innovative tailoring. The mood of the collection was enhanced by pale, almost grey skin and lips that created a ‘dead’ face impression.  









*Pictures in this post are NOT made by me.



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