Folli Follie: colours and fun!


Last week me and my friend Joana from Grow in Fasion  went to the event at theFolli Follie store in Regent Street (in association with Company magazine) and we had a good old girly time. First of all, the store and its merchandises were just beautiful… We could not stop gawking at the amazing jewellery (our mutual favourite was cuff bracelet) and watches. And let me tell you something about the bags… They were truly amazing. Yes,  it is as simple as that. I could not take my eyes off of the yellow tote bag and a blue one from the K Vintage collection. The most important thing was the obvious quality of the bags and everything around us.



The store was not big but we were wondering around for a good couple of hours while sipping on a complimentary champagne and nibbling on the little tasty sushi canapes. While we were waiting for our free mini-manicure appointment, we found out that Folli Follie is a Greek family owned company and is hugely successful in the Middle East. There was a wall in the store with the pictures of the family, Greece and merchandise which, in a way, gave this unique and exclusive feeling to the store.


After we did our manicures, there was one more thing on the list. Photo booth!! We went in, grabbed some props, and posed for four funny pictures (all of them with different props that we had only a few seconds to change) and had a great laugh! Well, it was even more fun because of 3 glasses of champagne we just had… I have posted a couple of the pictures at the end for you to see what I am talking about.

IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1942 IMG_1999 IMG_1943 IMG_1944 IMG_1998 IMG_1946 IMG_1949 IMG_1950 IMG_1953 IMG_1954 IMG_1956

IMG_1965 IMG_1971
IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1977 IMG_1980 IMG_1982 copy IMG_1993



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