My little world of inspiration…

I have decided to share some images of a few things that brighten up my day and make me smile 🙂 Sometimes you just need some retro sunnies or ghetto gold earrings to set you up for the day and give a little confidence boost. That’s just how we, girls, rule! I know we don’t always want to admit this, but we all have a few things that we turn to when we don’t feel that confident, or there is something important we have to do, or we are scared (that job interview, huh?), or we just need to look our best and no mistakes can be made. Or maybe we just spent an hour trying to decide our outfit and it still just doesn’t feel right, but we know that we have that one piece of jewellery that can make things look just right.

Well, anyway, here are a few things that make my fashion fix, inspire me and make me feel  happier 🙂

My two pairs of Sunnies!!

The top one is from Camden Market and it just goes with everything, and the second one was in a Company’s goodie bag and is totally adorable in it’s purple frames!

IMG_2007 Spiky bracelet (Topshop)

Really loving this one.. Spikes and studs are my total fashion obsession…


Necklace with the snake’s print. (Topshop)

Loving the black chain the necklace is attached to, and the triangle gives a little edge to the outfit. Looks good on white and bright colours.


My Bible…


Fashion… Style… Inspiration…

I love getting lost in the pages of Vogue and Company.. 

IMG_2002 Boots (Office)

For everyday, for every style, for every weather (especially relevant when living in London).

IMG_1756Earrings (& Other Stories)

Bought on the opening day of the store. & Other Stories is the store to go to for the unique jewellery pieces. You are guaranteed you won’t see 20 more people wearing the same. IMG_1748

My little Marilyn Monroe box where I keep my earrings.

IMG_1753 One more pair from & Other Stories. 


The wall of my room. 

NYC pictures with some cute lights from Camden Town. 
IMG_1643 The ‘reading’ corner. IMG_1646 Lights in the dark.

I love the colour of these rose-shaped lights in dark. They give me some creative powers and help me to  relax.

IMG_1648 copy Miss Dior…IMG_1651David Bowie’s book from V&A exhibition.

It was one of the best exhibitions I’ve ever seen and it made me to appreciate D.Bowie’s work even more. The book contains the pictures of almost all the exhibition pieces and also the stories from legend’s life. Great source of inspiration.


David Bowie is forever and ever…

That’s all for today!

Thank you for reading and, please, leave your comments and thoughts below! xx


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