Sky Ferreira live in London


Yesterday I was so happy I bought that ticket to see American singer Sky Ferreira at London’s Scala because the gig totally exceeded my expectations! I’ve heard a few songs and seen a couple of videos of her but I wasn’t the biggest fan; however, there was something interesting about Sky so I wanted to see her live.

Ferreira came on stage dressed in a leather jacket, leather mini-skirt, leather boots, and, this combination, peered up with a short and messy blonde hair, won some major points from me. Sky was kind of shy and humble on stage and didn’t talk to the audience much, but her performance totally surprised me. First of all, she had this loud and strong voice coming out of her tiny body and her songs sounded way more rock’n’roll than on the recordings. More major points! ‘Foggy’ stage, pink, red and blue lighting, and leather outfit made me feel as I am standing in the New York City bar in 80s and listening to Blondie or some other great pop/punk/rock act. Loved it!! It was clear Sky Ferreira is a new little fish in the pop biz waters because her performance and behaviour on stage were very raw and unpolished, although that was what made the show unique and fresh. You could tell she is not trying to be somebody else and is the real artist inside. Audience felt that too. If I could give her one advice, it would be to stay as she is because that what makes her to stand out.

IMG_2129 IMG_2130



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