The Breakfast Club

photo-3br On incredibly hot and sunny Saturday morning (it feels so weird to write these words when talking about London..) me and Joana decided to try The Breakfast Club. And no, I’m not talking about the movie. I’m talking about the great eatery where I had my best pancakes ever!! ☟☟☟♡♡♡

vd Don’t you just wanna eat them? 🙂

Breakfast Club has an American-inspired menu that consists of traditional American breakfast, various egg dishes, mouth-watering smoothies, champagne breakfast and so on. And the food is delish!!!… And the interior is a total Americana meets Shoreditch style which is totally my thing so there’s no need to say I loved it and I’m definitely coming back soon!

On the day I was wearing a light summer monochrome dress from H&M and my new ASOS sandals. My perfect combo to survive this heat.

gt  fr gegtgr




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