Fashion branding goes to the new level

rs_634x845-140102084710-634.Lady-Gaga-Versace-Topless-Campaign.jl.010214 So I have noticed something happening in the fashion world… Some of the biggest designer brands have decided to turn to the music scene and hire some of the most famous stars to front their campaigns. Lady Gaga for Versace, Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs and Rihanna for Balmain. It is kind of a clever PR decision though. There is so much  noise going on because of social media and our addiction to it, that the brands need something really captivating and bold to catch our attention for longer than the #regram moment and not all models can provide that. The collaboration between Lady Gaga and Versace, for example. The two are friends and resemble each other to the extent, that they look like mother and daughter, and that already ensures a huge press coverage. Moreover, this is Lady Gaga we are talking about, and wherever she goes, the buzz and anticipation follows. I think this is a really great match for the brand as Gaga manages to communicate the message of elegance, luxury , fearlessness and rock chic attitude that Versace stands for.


Probably many people had a frown on their faces after Miley Cyrus appeared on Marc Jacobs campaign. It seems (or press makes it seem) like everybody dislikes her so why would MJ hire someone like that? Well, you see, in my opinion, it is not exactly like that… At the end of the day, her album went to number one on the charts, she broke all online and social media records and the tickets to her shows do not have a trouble to sell. Miley is a good pick if the brand wants someone edgier and attention grabbing. It also depends what kind of message the brand wants to send to the world. I think this is clever, although risky decision, but we will see what impact it will have for Mark Jacobs. balmain-rihanna-vogue-2-17dec13-twitter_b_592x888

Well, Rihanna has an ability to look absolutely fantastic in everything, including this Balmain number. Her personal brand and Balmain’s brand fit together quite well. The fashion house is known for it’s embellished clothing, rock’n’roll and party feeling and luxury. Rihanna always looks effortlessly chic and sexy which is a good match for a brand. Also, she is so famous right now, she can sell anything she lays her hands on.

The question is if we are going to see more of this happening? Well, the time will show…

Let me know your opinion!

*Pictures are taken from and I do not own anything.



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