Little Red Dress – in Collaboration with Jara Wine

This Red Chiffon Bow Tie Dress is the second one I’ve styled for Jara Wine. (Boho chick look with another Jara’s dress is available HERE.)

The pop of bright red colour is astonishing and is the main attribute of this dress which is suitable for a day and night outings and is really versatile.

I have teamed the dress with the leather H&M jacket, Primark knee-high socks and TopShop chunky heels. It is quite an unexpected combo but my goal was to demonstrate unconventional way of wearing this kind of dress.

IMG_1476 copy

IMG_1499 copy

IMG_1508 copy

IMG_1513 copy
IMG_1521 copy

IMG_1532 copy
IMG_1537 copy

IMG_1592 copy
IMG_1603 copy

IMG_1610 copy
IMG_1611 copy

IMG_1614 copy
IMG_1621 copy

IMG_1628 copy
IMG_1641 copy

Visit Jara’s pop up store this weekend! The store is located in Camden, 69 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JL.


Thanks for reading!! xx



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