About Me

Hi there!

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Well, first of all, I would love to thank you for taking a minute out of your hectic everyday life and stopping over to read my blog! It really means a world to me!

So, a little bit about me… I currently live and hustle my way trough life in London. I am totally obsessed about:

  • Traveling… I don’t travel as much as I would like to (about 300 days a year would be nice…) but my feet is always itching and I cannot stop bugging everybody about the next possible holidays.
  • Fashion... Well, that is why I have started this page in the first place. I love everything from the new collections in the high street and obsessive Instagram scrolling and double-tapping, to Fashion Week buzz, hidden vintage shops as well as fashion journalism and photography.
  • Music... Everything from 80’s Rock’n’Roll and Lady Gaga, to electro house and everything what is played at Tomorrowland or EDC.
  • Food... Cocktail o’clock, anyone? Always up for trying some crazy dish or a new cuisine. On a hunt for an amazing eateries in London!

Personal Fashion picks:

  • Leather Jacket
  • Studs
  • Unusual design tights
  • Animal prints
  • Vintage jackets and jewellery
  • Boots, preferable some chains/studs attached

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram (@vickyjolee), Pinterest and ‘Like’ my page on Facebook! Also, follow my blog 😉



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