Hema Kaul SS14 Collection: praise to femininity

Filmed & Edited by Cassy Bhairo.

Source: http://www.superstarmagazine.com

I came accross Hema Kaul’s SS14 collection and it stroke me how simple, yet fabulous it was! Hema is the fashion designer from Dubai and has already showcased her work at the Fashion weeks in London and Dubai. Her latest collection is full of femininity and elegance,  expressed through pastel and metallic colours, lots of lace details and clean, classic cuts.

The pieces from the collection are easy to incorporate into a life of a modern woman, who appreciates simplicity and wants to show her feminine side.

The black dresses are my personal favourites!


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When the city is calling… Photoshoot, part 3.

So here is yet another part from my outfit posts. I have a little story (which I weirdly remember) about the belt I’m wearing here..

When I was little, my dad bought a car abroad and when he came back home, we found a big bag of clothes in the trunk. My mum threw away almost everything, but we kept the belt because it was so interesting and, at that time, it looked rather funny. I remember thinking it belonged to a circus performers! Many years it was hanging at the back of my parents’ closet and nobody thought it could ever be put in use; however, a couple years ago, when I was visiting my parents, I found the belt and took it with me. While preparing for this photo-shoot, I was looking for some belt for the jump-suit and I accidentally came across this green, feathery creation. I put it on and I loved it! Somehow it worked… It injects the outfit with a sudden twist of the unexpected and I also love that it has a story attached to it… After all, the fashion is about telling everyone’s personal story through clothes…IMG_0350Leather jacket – H&M; jump-suit – H&M; studded clutch – Bershka; necklace – TopShop; shoes – TopShop. IMG_0366  Continue reading

Fashion photoshoot. Part 2.

So here it is, the second part of my fashion shoot with Joanna Reich. The pictures are all similar in this post but they are my favourite ones so I crammed them all in for you to judge. This time I am wearing the same bleached denim shorts as in the last post, but I tried to create a different look by wearing the slouchy H&M sweater and studded high-top wedge sneakers. I found these shoes on eBay and I fell in love with the leopard print (which is starting to dominate in my wardrobe) and studs so I had to have them. I have never bought any clothes or footwear online before, so I was a bit terrified they (and other 2 pairs of shoes I bought on the same shopping spree) might not fit me, but they did! All of them! Sometimes a girl has to take a risk in order to get more original design. 🙂 IMG_0117 IMG_0118IMG_0080

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Fashion photoshoot. Part 1

I am so glad to come back with my first style shoot! Me and photographer Joanna Reich finally decided to do it and, as I also received my first proper camera (Canon 600D), there were no more excuses. We have done more than 400 shots showcasing different outfits and my modelling skills (cringe) and I am going to do a few more posts featuring different styles.
IMG_0045 IMG_0048Top – Hollister, shorts – Bershka, shoes – Converse, bracelet – Sting, sunnies – Camden Market, rings and earrings mostly TopShop.

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The Breakfast Club

photo-3br On incredibly hot and sunny Saturday morning (it feels so weird to write these words when talking about London..) me and Joana decided to try The Breakfast Club. And no, I’m not talking about the movie. I’m talking about the great eatery where I had my best pancakes ever!! ☟☟☟♡♡♡

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Original hand-made accessories

I love accessories and especially love wearing something nobody else has! Interesting jewellery can boost or even transform your look in seconds. Sometimes, when I have ‘nothing to wear’ day, it is the only saviour. A couple of eye-catching pieces and I’m good to go!

My friend Modesta started making jewellery a few months ago and, after I’d finally seen it, I was amazed how good it was! I love her idea of incorporating little sculls into earrings and bracelets. All of her pieces are different and resemble a good taste.

And thank you, Modesta, for giving me a pair of your amazing white scull earrings and a few others!! xx


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My best beauty picks I can’t last a day without!!

My blog is not really about the beauty products but I just have to share these few discoveries I made in the beauty department. Don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for that one and only magical product that would solve all my miseries, and usually end up trying millions of different brands and still not managing to find ‘the one‘. However, recently I’ve come across a few little ‘game changers’. Life definitely got a little easier 🙂

Neutrogena  Rapid Clear Spot Treatment

I always had a problem with spots, but this Neutrogena’s treatment really does the job. If you apply it on the problematic places at night, in the morning you’ll see the result. Well, of course, it’s not going to disappear completely, but it will hurt less and the redness will be reduced. The more often you apply, the quicker spots will disappear.

IMG_2101 L’Oreal and Chanel (Infinite length and sublime curl) mascaras 

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