Chanel supermarket??

 It was Chanel show time at Paris Fashion Week this morning and Karl Lagerfeld exceeded everybody’s expectations. Again!

If you still remember Chanel couture show (and I’m sure you do) not that long time ago, fashion legend wowed everybody by art installations designed by the man himself and now, for autumn-winter ’14 collections, he transformed Grand Palais into a supermarket full of Chanel branded goods that involved everything from meat and eggs, to brooms and liqueur.


 Models were walking around and ‘shopping’ while showcasing the collection and after the show was over, guests were welcome to take anything they liked from the shelfs!

You can imagine was was happening after such an announcement. Everybody was literally looting the ‘supermarket’ and taking everything with double C sign. After they were done, the shelves were totally empty.

photo 1

Karl said that Coco would have hated what he did but his goal was to update the image of the brand. This kind of spectacle was a right choice to emphasise our consumerism and prove that everything with Chanel sign can sell.

photo 2

But let’s not forget the collection which was totally amazing! Classic Chanel tweed, stylish trainers, leather leggings, tailored tracksuits and a lot of colour created a luxe home-wear feel and made quite an astonishing sight for the guests.

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My best beauty picks I can’t last a day without!!

My blog is not really about the beauty products but I just have to share these few discoveries I made in the beauty department. Don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for that one and only magical product that would solve all my miseries, and usually end up trying millions of different brands and still not managing to find ‘the one‘. However, recently I’ve come across a few little ‘game changers’. Life definitely got a little easier 🙂

Neutrogena  Rapid Clear Spot Treatment

I always had a problem with spots, but this Neutrogena’s treatment really does the job. If you apply it on the problematic places at night, in the morning you’ll see the result. Well, of course, it’s not going to disappear completely, but it will hurt less and the redness will be reduced. The more often you apply, the quicker spots will disappear.

IMG_2101 L’Oreal and Chanel (Infinite length and sublime curl) mascaras 

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