New York Fashion Week – Put a belt on me

I, like any other self-respecting fashionista, am very excited about this time of the year. Maybe a tad too much… The reason is, of course, New York Fashion Week, which I am not able to attend in person (tears galore), therefore, I am glued to my laptop trying to stream every possible show or at least go through the pictures of the collections. This is the first year that I am so involved and, I have to admit, it makes me very happy! I know, I know it is becoming ‘uncool’ to give a damn about it as there are many articles going around about what a circus Fashion Week had become, but, being honest, I do not care. It is the biggest fashion fiesta and I am celebrating it! And by ‘celebrating’ I mean Tweeting, Instagraming, blogging, etc. Well, that’s just the way we roll these days…

Anyway, I was watching show after show and I’ve noticed one thing. Belts. Everywhere. Everything is belted, from jackets and coats to dresses, and it looks good, and more importantly, it looks fresh. As seen in Donna Karan, Milly, Altuzarra, Custo Barcelona and others, thin belts (even for outerwear) were dominating; however, Marc by Marc Jacobs belted models with thick boxing belts to compliment the designs screaming of ‘girl power’. It is not an easy trend to embrace as we are used to put our belts on trousers or jeans and it’s there on purpose, although belted jacket or a coat gives a structured and sophisticated look as well as helps to accentuate the female form. It is kind of ‘I mean business vs. sexy’ and it grabs an attention without being too flamboyant.

I was never a big fan of belts (except for my jeans; I need them there, please) but New York Fashion Week just won me over. I give in, put that belt on me! Next season it would be interesting to experiment with belting an oversized, slouchy coat and see how it would change an outfit completely.

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Sky Ferreira live in London


Yesterday I was so happy I bought that ticket to see American singer Sky Ferreira at London’s Scala because the gig totally exceeded my expectations! I’ve heard a few songs and seen a couple of videos of her but I wasn’t the biggest fan; however, there was something interesting about Sky so I wanted to see her live.

Ferreira came on stage dressed in a leather jacket, leather mini-skirt, leather boots, and, this combination, peered up with a short and messy blonde hair, won some major points from me. Sky was kind of shy and humble on stage and didn’t talk to the audience much, but her performance totally surprised me. First of all, she had this loud and strong voice coming out of her tiny body and her songs sounded way more rock’n’roll than on the recordings. More major points! ‘Foggy’ stage, pink, red and blue lighting, and leather outfit made me feel as I am standing in the New York City bar in 80s and listening to Blondie or some other great pop/punk/rock act. Loved it!! It was clear Sky Ferreira is a new little fish in the pop biz waters because her performance and behaviour on stage were very raw and unpolished, although that was what made the show unique and fresh. You could tell she is not trying to be somebody else and is the real artist inside. Audience felt that too. If I could give her one advice, it would be to stay as she is because that what makes her to stand out.

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Wild Style – Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry has been a fashion inspiration for many decades and is still going strong. At the age of 67, she’s touring the world with her legendary band Blondie and is not shying away from the bold fashion choices.

Her style has been talked about for years and the pictures are known for everybody but I just couldn’t resist to pay a tribute to a great style.

Influenced by 70s and 80s music scene, Studio 54, Andy Warhol and New York youth, Debbie created a unique, rebellious, and unmistakable style with a major sex appeal which helped to sell records and make it in the music business as well as become a style icon. Wild blonde hair, sharp cheekbones, slender figure and daring clothes make the signature look of the Blondie’s front woman.

The fascinating thing is that looking through the pictures of her I realised that her style is pretty much in all the trends we have in the High Street right now. Double denim, rock’n’roll T-shirts, florals, trouser suit, neon make-up etc. are up on our styling lists so I guess that makes new wave princess Debbie Harry very relevant in a fashion world indeed!

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Music edit: Kat Dahlia

With my Music edit column, I’ll share with you the new artists who caught my attention and, hopefully, you will like them too!

So, today meet a singer – rapper from Miami, USAKAT DAHLIA !!

Her song ‘Gangsta’ is totally my favourite right now. I really love husky vocals and that growl!!! Quite awesome! The whole sound is quite unique too. 

Kat was born in Miami but moved to NYC to pursue her career in music and, after very bad and intoxicating relationship, she started recording her songs that were inspired by the experience.