Little Red Dress – in Collaboration with Jara Wine

This Red Chiffon Bow Tie Dress is the second one I’ve styled for Jara Wine. (Boho chick look with another Jara’s dress is available HERE.)

The pop of bright red colour is astonishing and is the main attribute of this dress which is suitable for a day and night outings and is really versatile.

I have teamed the dress with the leather H&M jacket, Primark knee-high socks and TopShop chunky heels. It is quite an unexpected combo but my goal was to demonstrate unconventional way of wearing this kind of dress.

IMG_1476 copy

IMG_1499 copy

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Boho chick in collaboration with Jara Wine

Jara Wine is a women’s wear designer from London, who creates fresh, versatile, and contemporary clothing focusing on colours, textiles and individuality. Her dresses have smart as well as fun feel about them and can be easily worn on many different occasions. Also, all clothes are made in the UK.

IMG_1353 copy

Jara asked me to style some of her designs for the shoot so for the first look I chose this Cycle Print Bow Tie Chiffon dress which I used to create a boho chick look. I teamed the dress with a floppy hat (River Island), long grey cardigan (Pull & Bear), Maroccan handbag, green cowboy boots (Deichmann) and white patterned socks (Primark).

IMG_1325 copy

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Spring – Summer trends at London Fashion Weekend

It’s spring!!! Well, at least in the calendar… But this miserable London weather cannot stand in a way of SS14 hottest trends that will be appearing in my and probably your wardrobes.

So I and my friend Juste have bought the Silver ticket to London Fashion Weekend and Trend catwalk to see what’s the deal. We were well excited! Ha! It was quite a good show I have to say. Four main trends were presented on the catwalk and here are my best pictures representing all of them. We couldn’t sit in the FROW so forgive me for protruding heads at the bottom of some pictures 😀





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London Fashion Week – Street style

So I went to Somerset House on the very first day of London Fashion Week and I couldn’t have chosen the worse time to do so… It was windy and raining non-stop (what a surprise, London!!) and, therefore, there were not that many people around, which was quite disappointing.. Anyway, I did what I came to do, and that was to take some style snaps!

Here you go!

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When the city is calling… Photoshoot, part 3.

So here is yet another part from my outfit posts. I have a little story (which I weirdly remember) about the belt I’m wearing here..

When I was little, my dad bought a car abroad and when he came back home, we found a big bag of clothes in the trunk. My mum threw away almost everything, but we kept the belt because it was so interesting and, at that time, it looked rather funny. I remember thinking it belonged to a circus performers! Many years it was hanging at the back of my parents’ closet and nobody thought it could ever be put in use; however, a couple years ago, when I was visiting my parents, I found the belt and took it with me. While preparing for this photo-shoot, I was looking for some belt for the jump-suit and I accidentally came across this green, feathery creation. I put it on and I loved it! Somehow it worked… It injects the outfit with a sudden twist of the unexpected and I also love that it has a story attached to it… After all, the fashion is about telling everyone’s personal story through clothes…IMG_0350Leather jacket – H&M; jump-suit – H&M; studded clutch – Bershka; necklace – TopShop; shoes – TopShop. IMG_0366  Continue reading

Fashion photoshoot. Part 1

I am so glad to come back with my first style shoot! Me and photographer Joanna Reich finally decided to do it and, as I also received my first proper camera (Canon 600D), there were no more excuses. We have done more than 400 shots showcasing different outfits and my modelling skills (cringe) and I am going to do a few more posts featuring different styles.
IMG_0045 IMG_0048Top – Hollister, shorts – Bershka, shoes – Converse, bracelet – Sting, sunnies – Camden Market, rings and earrings mostly TopShop.

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My little world of inspiration…

I have decided to share some images of a few things that brighten up my day and make me smile 🙂 Sometimes you just need some retro sunnies or ghetto gold earrings to set you up for the day and give a little confidence boost. That’s just how we, girls, rule! I know we don’t always want to admit this, but we all have a few things that we turn to when we don’t feel that confident, or there is something important we have to do, or we are scared (that job interview, huh?), or we just need to look our best and no mistakes can be made. Or maybe we just spent an hour trying to decide our outfit and it still just doesn’t feel right, but we know that we have that one piece of jewellery that can make things look just right.

Well, anyway, here are a few things that make my fashion fix, inspire me and make me feel  happier 🙂

My two pairs of Sunnies!!

The top one is from Camden Market and it just goes with everything, and the second one was in a Company’s goodie bag and is totally adorable in it’s purple frames!

IMG_2007 Spiky bracelet (Topshop)

Really loving this one.. Spikes and studs are my total fashion obsession…


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