London Fashion Week Street Style. Part 2.

Here are some more snaps from London Fashion Week at Somerset House. London never fails to surprise me with the amount of creativity and craziness possessed by our young and creative generation. It seams like every person who is related to fashion in one or another way went completely bonkers (in a good way) to express their individuality and showcase their style, designs and personality. Somerset court yard was even more colourful and eccentric than Camden on the weekends or Soho during Gay pride. But that’s the way it should be. Fashion Week is there to celebrate the new fashion and discover new talents so let’s celebrate it properly. Fashion industry was never meant for shy and modest.

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London Fashion Week’s style

Here are some snaps of the street style and some interesting and creative fashion expressions from London Fashion Week at Somerset House.

Enjoy!! 🙂

IMG_1652 Me and my friend Silvia enjoying a sudden but short lived spring from the balcony of Somerset House.

IMG_1654 Coat, trousers, shirt – all TopShop; shoes – Office; socks – H&M; sunglasses – Camden market.

IMG_1658 Silvia is rocking her self-made dress! Loving New York print!

IMG_1660 Floral print and zebra fur coat! I love heart-shaped sunglasses and a black and white bag.


IMG_1662 Army jacket and cool shades!

IMG_1664 Animal print works for boys too.

IMG_1665 Look at those shoes! Cool leather jacket!




IMG_1678 Neon heels look fab!

Can you be too trendy??


Happy Valentine’s day everyone!!!

It’s been a while but I’m back and I missed my little blog!! Also, i’m very excited as tomorrow starts London Fashion Week! A little heaven for all fashionistas 🙂 Well, I have to admit I don’t have any invitations and I’m not going to sit at the FROW, but that does not mean I can’t go there and enjoy! I’ll try to snap some pictures as well! Maybe sneak into a show??? 😉

So here is a little topic to think about before the fashion world gets all crazy: Can you be too trendy??

So… I love fashion to death but I still think you need to be clever about it…

I was on the tube the other day and I saw a girl who was dressed up in all the latest fashions and toped up with long hair extensions. Clothes were nice and trendy; she was like a poster girl for High Street shopping. However… something was missing… That little touch of personality, a little twist and personalisation maybe??

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Jesse Jo Stark – a modern fashion icon with a punk attitude

My ultimate fashion crush – Jesse Jo Stark!!

I love her style because of rock’n’roll and punk elements and ‘effortless’ look that works so well. Bulky rings, long hair with different colour extensions, nail art, platform shoes and denim shorts are pretty much signature attributes to Jesse’s style.

Jesse has started making waves in the fashion world a few years ago (she is only 20 now) and is often called an ‘internet sensation‘. Her brave and laid-back  ‘LA girl meets Rock’n’Roll‘ style quickly captured attention and she became an inspiration for many fashion lovers.

But there is no surprise here as her parents are the owners of luxury jewellery and fashion brand Chrome Hearts (where Jesse Jo works herself) admired by many celebrities including Cher, Elton John, Miley Cyrus etc.

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Jesse Jo Stark is a singer/songwriter too and is recording her debut album. You can listen to some covers and originals HERE.

Here is the song recorded together with her godmother Cher (YEP, THAT’S RIGHT!) for her dad’s birthday!


One lucky girl!

And we love her!!!